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Good Friday

Tomorrow is Good Friday and the start of the long Easter Weekend.

For most people, working for the man or woman, it's time off to enjoy the
holidays with family and friends.

The NHL Playoffs also started yesterday with the Montreal Canadiens winning
their first series game on the home ice of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Tampa Bay, Florida is also home for several thousand retired and 'snowbirding'
Canucks so I heard just as much cheering for Montreal as I did when Tampa Bay

Online... it's business as usual... 24/7 with Payment Processor staff taking their
holiday breaks as well. This is an update from SolidTrustPay...

Spring has finally sprung!

Please be advised that SolidTrust Pay’s offices will be closed on Friday April 18th

and Monday April 21st for Good Friday and Easter Monday. As these are also

Canadian banking holidays, customers are reminded to add extra processing time

for deposits, withdrawals, and e-currency exchanges.

We would like to wish all those celebrating a safe and joyful Easter!


My 'long term' type programs continue to do well with the shorter term 'fast money'
programs nose diving quicker than usual these days due to a lack of support after
members initially fund. I've seen these last from 3 to 6 months in the past but
there's a lot of uncontrolled 'hit and running' happening plus the added option
of compounding from account balance killing programs early as well.

Concluding for today... Tueps, with it's recent change from $20 positions to
$5 all around for purchasing, repurchasing and minimum withdraw... is paying
me quicker these days where I withdrew yesterday and got paid the same day.
I also purchased from STP, which I believe the Admin welcomes.

I'm well into profit with Tueps and look forward to further growth with
that compensation plan..

Certainly.. all Admins welcome purchases from Payment Processors on a
steady basis to keep their programs fueled with 'new' money. Without it,
trouble builds quickly.

Happy Easter

Mid April and New Opportunities

Warmer temperatures have finally arrived here in the Maritime
Provinces of Canada and I'm happy to be able to open the windows
and let the fresh air circulate after a brutal winter.

Approaching mid April... there's not much happening on the
"quick money" front with the Biz. My long term opportunities
are performing normally at this time.

Each new week online comes with a variety of launches that follow
from Matrix orientated to the HYIP type along with compensation
layouts that have a mix of plans or... hybrids.

Besides joining ventures outright, I tend to look over new 'start ups'
that gain a lot of initial promotion from members to see if they are doable.
From those pre launch and launches... a small percentage of these
I fund after researching what information is available.

I see the first payments from Genesis Global Network have been issued
as I surf daily to earn rebates on my Business Units. My purchase account
'auto' buys the $1 BU's as that account accumulates.

Private Profit Club had another good week with earnings above
2% per day, from Monday to Friday, as I'm over half way to a
'break even' point and looking forward to a profit. Long term earnings
are the goal here.

The 'Repurchase' Debate

After a stormy April 1st here in Nova Scotia, the weather is slowly
warming and looks like spring has arrived.

On the Canadian island province of Newfoundland... they are still
'enjoying' the white stuff and record snow falls in some areas...

Compounding... or purchasing from cash balance is highly recommended
with the Big Banks and financial companies to multiply your growth.

With online programs, however, it's a different matter. There are and
always will be a few opportunities that blossom into long term ventures
where 'compounding' works well.

Medium term programs and the "fast money", which everybody likes
but risky, will go sideways and close quicker that allow purchasing from
cash balance, or...compounding.

In my opinion... transactions in these type program should be strictly
from Payment Processor. In reality, when members purchase from
cash balance.. a portion of their principal spend may be held in actual
cash with the Admin or Admin(s).. the interest earned has to come
from somewhere.

And that's either from members that continue to repurchase from Payment
Processors or new members that join and fund. Not really a fair deal
for those folks is it?

Suppose, after an initial investment... all members began to 'only' purchase
from cash balance. In this pure 'ponzi' scenario... only the new people
coming in would fund the program and pay members who joined
before them. The end will come quick.

Unless current and new Admins realize this and adjust... that downward
spiral will repeat every time a program launches.

One program, that I see, is trying something different is Genesis Global Network.
Members can purchase $1 BU's from a repurchase account. The difference
from the 'norm' is that repurchase account is 70% of total earnings per day...
Monday to Saturday. 30% of rebates are cashable.

Eventually... weeks down the road, if member's applies a healthy strategy...
things will even out and there will be a steady profit.

Their approach is to stop the bleeding that most programs face early from
compounding and members withdrawing 100% of their cashable earnings.

Living Large on Shares

Google is no doubt the most popular and biggest search engine in
the world plus all the free products it provides such as Gmail and
Blog platforms among many. People and companies pay big money
to advertise and stay on the front pages relative to 'keywords"
or "key phrases", etc.

An article heading interested me a couple days ago about Google
where they paid their founders their annual $1 each. Eh? I was wondering
what that was all about but I figured it had to do with shares and stocks.

How much does all this popularity and purchasing of advertising mean
to Google?

Page and Brin, the co-founders, own $26 billion dollars in Google stock
and gained 58% over the last year alone. So... outside the company,
Google stock owners also had a banner year with that boost in shares.
You can read the article at this link...

Google pays co-founders Page, Brin customary $1

In the Biz... Tueps has surpassed 108 days online and that's a milestone
these days. I've made a profit with the program and the Admin has now
switched, as per the long term schedule, to pay members 5 days a week...
Monday to Friday... 2% per day on their active positions.

An added change, which I welcome, is the lowering of the $20 position cost
and the $20 withdrawal limit to $5 per position and the cashout minimum limit
is now $5 as well.

Current member's have had their previous $20 positions split into 4 ... $5 positions.

March 31st... Monday... the 5 day earning plan begins and it's all about 5 bucks
now... making it more affordable for all.

I'm interested to see what new opportunities will surface in April. Last month,
it was about a few "fast money" programs that tend to burn out within 30 days
or less ... to my long term programs that have been running for several months.

Operating for over a year, the longest running venture is WorldWide SolutionZ.

More Snow and the Latest with GoDaddy

At the time of the writing of this article, the Atlantic province of
Nova Scotia is bracing for a snow storm, which will hopefully
be the last major blizzard of the year.

As I mentioned in previous articles, I've been using GoDaddy
products for years and this Blog is hosted by the Domain giant.

I came across an interesting financial related article last weekend
and it included a brief history of the company.

GoDaddy Group Inc. started 17 years ago and drew attention with
it's ads and commercials of scantily clad women. I won't deny
that's what made me stop one day and look into what it's all about.

Advertising and promotion is about grabbing the viewer's attention
and GoDaddy did that well bringing men into Ads later that have a
good average appeal rating with the women folk.

With patience along with set goals... the company built up to be
eventually bought out for $2.25 billion in 2011. Today, it serves over
12 million customers globally and continues to expand internationally
as well as home in the US.

What's next? They are gearing up to hit the stock market with an
'initial public share offering' or IPO in the second half of this year.

Interesting... where I can actually buy their shares and own a piece of
the company.

Is there money to be made? Endurance International Group Holdings
Inc., a competitor to GoDaddy, went public... selling shares last October.
Shares are up 18% since then. That's nothing to sneeze at where investors
eye new entries to the stock market like Eagles circling their prey.

Put your Passion Online! 25% off New Products from GoDaddy.

(Married to her, a fella' would think twice about spending a late night
at the Club ... lol)

Twenty by 20 is the latest blossoming program with the Biz, as it officially
launched yesterday and the plan is 20 days in length. The first 10 are daily
payments returning a member's principal of $5 and the last 10 days are paid
upon expiry.. $5 for a 200% return. These are calender or consecutive days.

Accepting STP... once a member's principal is returned with the 'daily payment'
half of the plan... the risk factor drops to zero with that term.

WorldWide SolutionZ paid me within 2 days of my withdrawal request to
my STP account as the Admin of that program updates about the future
plans for that South African based opportunity. I'll be updating about WWSz
further when these new options/plans are made available to members.

Spring Chills and Thrills

Although the last day of winter has come and gone... the cold weather
persists here in the Atlantic provinces. My neighboring provinces of
New Brunswick and Newfoundland have several feet of snow on
the ground at this time.

We had what I call "Holy water" last night, where it's getting closer
to Easter but the snow melts quickly when the sun comes up.

Twenty by 20 continues to cause a stir with it's hybrid 'pre-launch' plan
that has a duration of 18 days. The first 10 are daily payments where
a member who has bought a $5 position(s) earns 100% of the principal
back. The last 8 days of the term is paid upon expiry... $5. Total 200%.

The official launch is on the 25th of March, Tuesday, and the plan will
be lengthened to 20 days. 10 are daily payments..the last 10 days paid
upon expiry.. the same deal as the pre-launch plan only 2 more days
are added on the back end.

The number of $5 positions members can buy via STP will increase as well.

I've earned back 25% of my starting principal with Private Profit Plus after
two weeks with that long term venture.

I got paid by My-OPI last night and I got a boost from my Silver Cycler position
'cycling' a couple days ago. The actual Ad Pack earnings have slowed over
the last week but I continue to gain. My concern is that the Admins are moving
away from the main thrust ... which are the Ad Pack "shares" paid to members.

With my experience... Matrix and Cycler additions are usually 'one hit' wonders
where the "first in" do well but if the folks who buy in 'later' don't see any action...
they will back off with funding of course.

Hopefully... they can renew interest in the buying of actual $10 AdPacks, which
is certainly the affordable option for most, and that will ... further boost "share"
earnings for all.

Concluding for today... Genesis Global Network is currently on schedule with
their April 1st start for $1 Business Unit earnings as members surf and view
10 sites per day... Monday to Saturday with Sunday being a day of rest.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

A happy St. Paddy's Day to all my readers and friends. May the luck
of the Irish be with you and that plays a part in the money making programs
I participate in. Certainly... that applies to all ventures... on and off line...
that carry some degree of risk.

I was reading an interesting article about Peter Munk... owner of Barrick Gold
Corporation, which is one of the biggest Gold companies in Canada and at age
87, he's preparing to step down and let others carry on with his baby.

If not for a heart condition... he would continue on. All I want to do is retire
financially comfortable at 65 or earlier and travel ... lol

Munk has mixed feelings about being away from the international company.
Money, Gold and mining is in his blood.

Peter Munk immigrated to Canada from Hungry and had a dream starting with
a few assets in Gold to build on. Barrick Gold is worth $27 billion dollars today.

As I mentioned in my last article, where Gold prices took a dive in 2011- 2012,
Barrick Gold was worth over $54 billion before the price of the yellow ore
took a deep plunge.

Big or small ... huge price swings affects all investors.

What I found amusing and sort of fits into what I do... is his quote that he
applies to all his wheeling and dealings in the mine business... it's like a Chinese
Restaurant ... sweet and sour ... sometimes you feel sweet in your month,
sometimes sour.

I got paid Saturday to my STP account from the Admin of Twenty by 20
and continue to buy $5 positions. After the first 18 day term expires... I'll
collect a profit and from each term, expiring daily, after that.

My-OPI has concluded last weekend's Super Matrix campaign and I was
pleased with the income coming my way and bought more $10 AdPacks
as more of my previous $10 positions expired at $12 each.

The Admins have more news to share in the 'up coming' days about the
AdPack plan and next weekend's Matrix campaign.

WorldWide SolutionZ added my loyalty bonus for last week when I logged
in Sunday morning and I made a withdraw to my STP account. Easter is
coming up. The Admin usually has some type of promotion for holiday's
and "special days" since I joined.

An update from Genesis Global Network where they have delayed the
start of earnings for $1 Business Units and Genesis Coins until Tuesday,
the 1st of April.

The Money Exchange

I'm enjoying 3% per day, based on my principal, with Private Profit Plus
since it launched. I get paid Monday to Friday of each week.

My-OPI opened $10 AdPack purchases yesterday and I bought more
as my earnings are building once again. The Admins decided to open
the $10 AdPack purchase page early instead of waiting for the weekend.

That will stay open. It was quite a lengthy dwell time they had originally
planned. For the most part, folks want to make money "yesterday"
and prefer not to wait.

OPI is bringing in what they call a ... $15 Power Matrix, which will open
tomorrow at 09:00 PM EST ... March 14th. $5 from each purchase also
fuels the $10 AdPack plan and shares commissions with active members.

More payment processors have been added to OPI in the last few days.

Twenty by 20 is the surprise program of the week with it's original...
10/08 pre-launch Plan. Each $5 position earns daily for 10 consecutive days,
which is $5 returned to member's accounts and the remaining $5 will paid
when the 8th day expires, ending the total term of 18 days.

BitCoin, the Ecurrency, continues to make a lot of noise lately, where a
major exchange has shut down and it's owner found dead... no foul
play they say, after that exchange ran into trouble due to fraud.

That caused a drastic drop in the 'BitCoin to US dollar' exchange rate

The mystery behind who started it all and pin pointing the originator is
another International financial news item. Looks like some elderly dude
of Asian descent but he denies it. I'll put that in the "weird stuff'' file.

Meanwhile... the Ecurrency has fluctuated wildly while all this is going on.

Major Banks and financial experts have warned to be careful where
investors where doing some major hoarding when the value was
hovering around $900 US. As I mentioned, the BitCoin value fell but
rebounded to a current value of $645 US.

Many online programs now accept BitCoin. BitCoin owners should be
aware of the exchange price when they want actual paper money in their

Something like the past Bull Market of Gold when it was $1800 an ounce.
When it fell to $1200 an ounce and lower... some lower jaws probably dropped.
Panic sets in and some folks sold at a loss while the patient people wait...
it will come back up.

Another similar exchange... The Canadian dollar had a steady drop compared
to the US dollar. With Florida type summer vacations coming up... Canucks
will have to cough up more Canadian Loonies for US dollars than a couple
months back. There's a rebound today, which is good news.

On my end, with the online programs and when I convert US funds to Canadian
dollars for my Canadian bank... exchange rates come into play big time.

I'm not into the BitCoin rave yet but I'll probably get involved soon.

Profiting with $5

I've added a few new programs to the Biz that I feel are doable and
project they can provide me with a profit.

The first is an affordable $5 'per position' program and that's called...

Twenty by 20

Currently in Pre-Launch, members that buy $5 spots that earn 200% in
18 days or $10.

This compensation plan is different from the 'norm'.

I, for one, like to claw back my principal, or "seed" money, as quickly as
possible and when that is achieved... the risk factor drops.

Twenty by 20 will pay me daily to recover my principal $5 spends for
10 days.

Then... I wait for the expiry of the term for the next 8 days, when I'll see
the $5 profit in my account. Minimum withdrawal is $5.

When the program actually launches, the starting term will be for 20 days...
again with a 200% return or... $10. The first 10 days will be daily payments
to my account balance and that will recover my principal of $5.

Similar to the 'pre launch' 18 day plan... there will be a '10 day' dwell time to
gain my profit of $5 and that particular term will be expired.

In conclusion... Twenty by 20 is going to pay me daily to recover my $5 spends
each time I purchase and then the profits will be paid upon expiry of my terms.

Buying consecutive $5 positions as the days go by will see steady $5 profit
payments down the road, as my plans terminate.

The other program I want to introduce today is called... Private Profit Plus.

The starting plan costs $25 with a return of 150% paid Monday to Friday
of each week.

Accepting SolidTrustPay and EgoPay plus other payment solutions... members
can earn Bonus Points with each purchase.

These Bonus Points can be traded at a rate of 100 Bonus Points for $1 with
the minimum exchange rate being 1000 Bonus Points for $10.

These funds can then be used to buy into a separate 'fixed rate' plan of 2.5% per
business day. That's in addition to the earnings from the Main Plan I'm into.

The additional earnings from the Bonus Plan are cashable or can be used for

I'm in the VIP plan looking for a 180% return on my purchases and my first
payment, today being Monday, has been added to my account... 3% of my principal.

Business Units

I cycled 3 times with PassiveAdsSources this morning and I can see there
are a lot of positions being bought in the program. I'm now up in Level 2
of the 10 stage cycler... I'll be in profit when I get "pushed" up into Level 3
with that phase of the program.

With the Matrix part of it... 4 spots to fill and that's happening which will
move me into the 2nd of 2 Matrices within PAS. Once I get 4 spots filled
in that 2nd Matrix... profit.

Meanwhile, the system 'auto purchases' positions for me to re-enter each
phase of the compensation plan.

On the "Long Term" side of things... I bought 'Business Units' with Genesis Global
this morning. BU's cost $1 each and last for 90 days. Viewing 10 sites per day
I earn on these BU's from Monday to Saturday of each week.

The crew of Genesis Global have big plans for the program. Assuming all the
products and services come into reality they have on the table... GG should make
for a viable opportunity.

BU's are set up for a 70% repurchase rate and I'll be buying steady from that
repurchase wallet to "multiply" my earnings moving forward.

There are monthly memberships ranging from free and up. I entered the $12
per month plan as I watch the program develop.

Tomorrow, I'll be entering another site that looks like a long term affair as well
and I'll be updating about that on my blog here. That's set  for a 12:00 'dinner time'
EST start.

My-OPI is moving along nicely on my end and I'm preparing to buy more $10
AdPacks tomorrow before purchasing is disabled until next weekend. The
expectations are that there will be a sudden 'boost' in sales and therefore
commissions to share with members... when AdPack purchases open again
next Saturday... the 15th of March.